Internal Engagement

As a result of our commitment to the UN Women Empowerment Principles, we created a unit exclusively dedicated to support and serve women and undertook strict measures to promote gender equality and provide a fair working environment with the aim of becoming the employer of choice for women, as such we:

  • Introduced a Grievance Policy to assist staff in reporting and resolving grievances

  • Extended the Government set maternity leave with a 2-month part time period with full pay

  • Introduced paternity leave which is not a government requirement

  • Implemented a recruitment strategy to ensure that more women join the Bank

  • Set a target for the percentage of women in top management

  • Adopted a 5th core value: "we promote gender equality"

  • Integrated women suppliers as part of the procurement policy

  • Established an internal female employee club to support each other (We Club)

  • Put in place a scorecard to monitor the Gender Equality metrics (number of women managers, salary equality, promotions, equal opportunity in employment, turnover, employee satisfaction survey...)

  • Adopted highest level of Emergency Response Plan to secure employees’ and clients’ safety.

  • Created a cultural change to instill We Initiative and support women's advancement in a challenging region and trained its staff to eliminate unconscious bias.

As a result of these measures, the number of our female employees increased from 47% to 51% since the launch of We Initiative.

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