Apr . 2019


23.April.2019 BLC Bank tags: A Step Towards Equality , #GenderGapLebanon

Yasser Akkaoui is the founder of Capital Concept Holding which invests in corporations that are viable business ventures and are destined to play an integral part in building the nation, by having a human-centered approach to problem-solving using innovation, technology and creativity. Through Capital Concept sal, he has become one of the reference names in corporate governance activism in the Middle East. He has been a committee member of Human Rights Watch in the Middle East since 2010, and is a member of the Organization of Economic Development and Cooperation’s task force for Middle East and North Africa stock exchanges. He is also the regional consultant for the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). He has been the chair of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies since 2011, and has been representing the interests of Executive Magazine since 2001, a media platform he uses to advocate reforms in the Middle East. He is also an instructor of business ethics at the American University of Beirut and a strategic partner for the Beirut Art Fair. 

He is taking "A Step Towards Equality" by participating in the Balance for Better  panel. Book your seat now!


Women are more and more seen as being key to economic development and progress, and yet barely present in many of the boardrooms of the world’s largest companies. Ignoring the talent of half the population is surely not the ideal way to build board effectiveness. In Lebanon, only 4.4% of Lebanese companies have women on their governing boards (IFC)
Growing body of research shows a broad set of business benefits associated with gender diversity on corporate boards, including improved decision making, reduced risk, broader and deeper market knowledge, increased customer and employee satisfaction and enhanced reputation. This panel is gathering key players working closely on driving the change in this area to discuss 1) How can a diverse board with complementary skill sets and experiences positively affect company operations and strategy. 2) Are the laws, the barriers hindering the advancement of women to boardrooms 3)What are the policies, reforms, and actions to be taken on the ground to increase women’s corporate representations.

By WE Initiative