Mar . 2019

International Women's Day

08.March.2019 We initiative tags: International Women's Day , Women Empowerment

To every woman who is not afraid to raise her voice for honesty, truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greed.

To every woman who has the audacity to speak up against inequality, who turns from a victim into a survivor and who leaves no room for drama, hate or negativity.

To every woman who works hard to achieve her goals despite all challenges and who builds empires from hardship and struggles.

To every woman who draws her own path with determination, endurance and strength.

To every woman who prioritizes self-worth, who respects herself and her family and who values her priorities.

To every woman who represents her country in the best way possible, who sees men as supporters not as opponents and who never compares herself to others.

To every woman who is courageous enough to shape her career path, who stands against discrimination and fights stereotypes.

To every woman who reflects on her values, doesn’t compromise on her beliefs and who is fearless to break up barriers.

To every woman who views the past as wisdom, conquers adversity and never gives up.

To every girl who dreams big, never stops learning, dares to stand out boldly from the crowd and holds responsibility.

To every sister who supports and sacrifices, to every mom who puts her heart and soul into raising amazing families, teaching them the true meaning of love and contributing to the safety and wellbeing of her home

& to every man who wholeheartedly supports, empowers and believes in HER.

One day is not enough to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements, because every day is women’s day at BLC Bank. Today, BLC Bank salutes your resilience, power and pride. Being the first Bank in the MENA committed to women empowerment, BLC Bank recognizes your relentless efforts and pushes you to pursue your ambitions and excel in your career. Through We Initiative, BLC Bank dismantles the building blocks of inequity, building a better world where men and women live harmoniously, and leave a better future for upcoming generations.

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Because every day is Women’s Day, let’s work together to empower all the dreamers and believers, let’s encourage them to take action, and fulfill their potential. We want to reach all those fierce women who are striving to change the country and build their future... All these women in STEM fields who strive to build and conquer, all these resilient women entrepreneurs who keep growing their business no matter what, all these young girls looking to become independent women... So join us, let's bridge the gaps, let's reach out to all the hard workers, and let’s shape the future together. Because every day is Women’s Day. #We_Chose_You #EngageForBalance #BalanceForBetter #IWD2019 #IWD #InternationalWomensDay

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