Feb . 2019

Happy Girls & Women in STEM Day!

11.February.2019 BLC Bank tags: Science , Technology , Engineering , Mathematics

Being the first bank in MENA committed to women empowerment, BLC Bank believes in your skills, supports your ideas and fosters your ambitions.


As usual, BLC Bank empowers girls and women to become the best versions of themselves. This unbreakable promise is translated today in particular for women in STEM fields, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Although these fields might be male dominated, BLC Bank decided to shed light on strong women shining in this industry today. Scarcity of women in such majors is due to different factors, mainly the culture of the nation. However, we decided to defy the stereotype proclaiming that “women are fragile members” or that women “cannot be engineers or doctors”. We resolved to break society’s judgment that hinders young females from realizing their dreams, following their passion and taking the lead in STEM fields. A topic often overlooked, we decided to celebrate you, celebrate your achievements and celebrate your potentials.


In the past decades, the world has perceived tremendous accomplishments realized by women. Women who decided to overcome hardship and struggles, women who faced challenges and believed in themselves, women who decided to step out of their comfort zones, explore new horizons and leave an upbeat impact.


Multiple examples made us extremely proud, such as: Captain Rola Hoteit, the first and only woman pilot at the Lebanese Middle East Airlines, Mrs. Lea Hakim, the president of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Lebanon, Mrs. Suhair Haddad, Commercial Manager at CCT international and the list goes on… It is worth mentioning that Lebanon has just witnessed four women in the government for the first time in its history, with the first female interior minister in the Arab world as well. These phenomenal ladies dared to stand out boldly from the crowd and reached higher levels of professionalism and effectiveness.


Women, your name can figure on this list as well, you can be the author of your own success story following your calling withstanding all obstacles. Girls, do not be afraid to pursue a career in STEM fields, a promising future is awaiting you.


Never underestimate your power to make a difference; scientific fields are in constant need for your talent.


Since the launching of the We Initiative in 2012, BLC Bank offers a wide scope of programs and services aiming at enhancing women presence in all domains, making sure thus that women’s voices are heard and heeded. As Michelle Obama said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”.