Jan . 2019

Does & don’ts: turning your home into your office

30.January.2019 WE Initiative tags: home office , work from home

You were told to “start from your kitchen” and so you did. Here you are in your sweatpants with a cup of hot coffee, a blank Excel sheet stretching lazily on your screen and your favorite morning show playing in the background. The scent of your breakfast lingers in the air and a pile of laundry is giving you the eye.

Let’s be real, this is not how you will bring your million-dollar idea to life!



You gave in to that little voice inside your head telling you to go for this idea that has been blossoming in there for the past year. But it’s been weeks and you don’t seem to inch away from the starting blocks.

Maybe it is about time you pay attention to your surroundings and start implementing some good working habits in order to kick start the process.

  • Start by choosing the right alternative office. Pick the most formal space in your house if you can’t afford to have a space solely dedicated to work. If you can’t bring yourself to focus in the eerie silence of your now empty home, opt for a coffee shop to get the flow of ideas streaming.
  • Stay away from domestic chores: you would never tell your boss you really have to go through this pile of dishes before your 3:00pm meeting; so yes, guess that will have to wait.
  • This doesn’t mean you have to stay still from nine to five and take a 30-minute lunch break at 1:30pm sharp. You do have the luxury to pick your schedule, but you will have to stick to it in order to get some work done.
  • Also, please wear a pair of slacks and a nice shirt before commuting from your bed to your desk; not the complete corporate apparel, just something you can actually work in.
  • Living and working in the same place might get frustrating. Take an hour out of the office / house every day. So walk your dog, go out for a run, schedule meetings in cafes; this will help you recharge and will prevent you from sliding into an unhealthy routine.



You did quit your 9-to-5 job for this, the suit, the tie, the skirt and stockings, water cooler gossip and the hustle and bustle that kept you from focusing. And let’s be honest, there are a lot of perks that come with working from home. You only need to put yourself in the mood for getting things done. We hope these tips will help you launch your entrepreneurial rocket.

By WE Initiative